President Mohammadu Buhari, Inec lost on tribunal appeal, the Nigeria President and independent National electoral commission was on Thursday revealed the loss against peoples democratic movement.

According to report, president Mohammadu Buhari and Inec had filled application demanding for dismissal of petition filed against them by the peoples democratic movement at the Presidential election Petitions Tribunal (PEPT).

The petitions which was filled by peoples democratic movement and its candidate Mr Aminchi Habu questioning their exclusion from the 23 February Presidential election ballot despite their names and logo present.

The petition issued by the party on Thursday through the party leader Mr Aminchi Habu demands that the election be cancelled and order for the conduct of fresh one with their names and logo by tribunal.

Mohammadu Buhari and Inec having seen the demand of the party quickly made appeal that the tribunal null the petitions of peoples democratic movement.

According to the petitions filed by Inec and Mr mohammadu Bulgari in response to peoples democratic movement petitions, Buhari, Inec revealed that the petitions wasn’t filed for notice of trial within the stipulated seven days after close of petitions given by the law.

In that regard, tribunal in it’s ruling on Thursday, held that findings from their own record revealed that the application of the petitioners (peoples democratic movement) was actually made well within the seven days given by the law.

The presidential election petitions tribunal (PEPT) in the same hand cancelled two applications filed by Mohammadu Buhari and Inec reasons remain that their petitions was unmerited.

The cancellation of Buhari, Inec petitions against  the peoples democratic movement by the tribunal remark huge blow to Inec as they wait for further hearing.

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