In this article, you will learn History about how Fulani conquered Hausa tribe and take over their land.

How their dominance cost Northern Hausa their land.

We will also address many questions been ask concerning Hausas and fulanis

HISTORY ABOUT FULANI and how they conquered Hausa; 
The Fulanis are people with uncertain origins during the 14th century who expanded from the eastward futa Toro in the lower part of Senegal.

During the 16th century, they had established themselves at macina “upstream area Niger bend” they move from there and proceeded eastward into Hausa land.

When they get to Hausa land, between 16th to 19th century, they scattered all over the area while some settled at adamawa (the northern Cameroons) during the 19th century.

Seen that the Hausa indigene are not disturbing them unlike other places they have been, some continue to pursue their pastoral life while others have up their nomadic pursuits and settled into existing urban communities and were converted to Islam.

Holy War
Between 1754 to 1817, Fulani man known as usman dan fodio who lived in the northern Hausa State of gobir the northeast of sokoto had an altercation with the rulers, he accused Hausa kings of being little more than pagans, the quarrel resulted Usman Dan fodio to assembled many Fulanis to lead in jihad, the holy war against the Hausa kingdoms.

The forces of Usman dan Fodio slowly took over more and more of the Hausa kingdoms, capturing Gobir in 1808 and executing Yunfa. The war resulted in the creation of the Sokoto Caliphate, headed by Usman dan Fodio, which became one of the largest states in Africa in the 19th century.

They swept all through Hausaland and conquer through the eastern empire of kanembornu, full adamawa, nupe and many Yoruba land to the south.

After the invasion by the Fulani of the northern provinces of the oyo, the emirate of ilorin to the northeast became the base through which Islam was spread among the Yorubas.

Usman dan fodio ceded the direction of the eastern part of the empire to his son Muhammad bello who settled in sokoto and the western part to his brother abdullahi.

All the three join hand and continued the Fulani denunciation of bornu, the empire reached its maximum under Mohammad bello who arranged the plan according to the principles of Muslim law.

The impact of the system resulted to the establishment and naming of the area Northern Nigeria during 19th century under British rule.

The coming of the Fulanis into Hausaland resulted into many significant changes in the area.

>> They brought the full force of Islam which became a great factor of social life and culture. In education, dress, taste and outlook, the Hausa and their Fulani conquerors became part of the Islamic culture world that it’s influence remains till today.

Today Hausas are only used as foot soldiers by their new masters, the Fulanis, The Fulanis also want to replicate such act in other parts of Nigeria. Fulanis, very vicious, crafty, cunning, cruel, brutal and unforgiving, are power mongers.

It would have been absolutely impossible mission if many Hausas in the Hausa kingdoms didn’t teamed up with Usman dan Fodio to fight against their kings and leaders.

Usman dan Fodio replaced all Hausa kings (Zakis) with Fulani Sultans and Emirs and ruled over them.

Before the Fulani invasion, Hausas were the great merchants of the great Trans-Sahara trade before the Fulani invasion but today, they have become beggars (almajiris), slaves, useless, less than second class citizens in their own ancestral land, and their Fulani conquerors continue to use Islamic religion to make them believe that it is the will of God for them to be poor and beggars.

This is the MODEL Buhari is determined to replicate throughout the length and breadth of Nigeria, with a lot of supporters among the Yorubas both in and outside the country through RUGA, ranching, grazing reserves.

Below are the impact of Fulani conqueror and still counting;

1. Sultan of Sokoto is Fulani not Hausa.
2. Emir of Kano is Fulani not Hausa.
3. Emir of Katsina is Fulani not Hausa.
4. Emir of Gwandu is Fulani not Hausa.
5. Emir of Kebbi is Fulani not Hausa.
6. Emir of Ilorin (Yorubaland) Fulani not Yoruba.
8. Emir of Zauzzau is Fulani not Hausa.
9. Governor of Sokoto State is Fulani not Hausa.
10. Governor of Katsina State is Fulani not Hausa.
11. Governor of Zamfara State is Fulani not Hausa.
12. Governor of Kaduna State is Fulani not Hausa.
13. Governor of Kano State is Fulani not Hausa.
14. Governor of Jigawa State is Fulani not Hausa.
15. Governor of Gombe State is Fulani not Hausa.
16. Governor of Yobe State is Fulani not Hausa.
17. Governor of Taraba State is a Fulani Christian not Hausa.
18. Governor of Nasarawa State is Fulani not Hausa.
19. Governor of Borno State is of Fulani origin, not pure Kanuri.
20. All major imams in all the Northern states are all Fulanis not Hausa.
21. All Emirs in all the core Northern states are ALL FULANIS not HAUSA, because the Fulanis KILLED all Hausa kings and high chiefs and replaced all Hausa kings with Fulanis as Sultan and Emirs after the genocide in the core North by Fulanis.
22. All former Presidents of Nigeria from the North were either Fulanis or were backed by Fulanis. Not one is Hausa.
23. Hausas are not allowed to become Sultans, Emirs, major mosque imams, state governors, or President of Nigeria.
24. Fulanis have finished the Hausas and rendered them useless, and made them their slaves.
25. President Buhari’s CABAL comprises only Fulani, no Hausa.
26. President Buhari’s security chiefs are all Fulanis, no Hausa.

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