Nigeria London base a.k.a mayor of London Mr Ben Egah has reacted over the call of Lagos apc publicity secretary Joe Igbokwe to give igbo, ijaw and yoruba land for ruga establishment.

Joe igbokwe made this call while addressing media television over the need to allow the establishment of ruga be successful in all States.

In his statement, he said that people have misunderstood what the Fulani herdsmen are asking for, the herdsmen is not asking for your house or you home because they stay in the bush while you enjoy the comfort of your whole house.

What they are asking for is just lands like bush, forest, empty land or anything you can call it or is their no area like that all over the country.

How would such demand be a problem to us, all these men to be are seriously escalating issues and taking glory from us for instance do you know that one single cattle colony in South East will solve a lot of problems for us and the herdsmen.

In reaction to Joe igbokwe assertion that have put social media at war, mayor of London known as Ben egah has kicked against the decision to give land for ruga in biafra region.

I used to think that this man (Joe Igbokwe) was very intelligent, but now see how disappointed i am.

How can you come up with a definition of bushes, forests etc without mentioning the land upon which these bushes and forests are sitting on.

>> Do bushes and forest grow in the air? Igbokwe needs to go and read the elementary history of the sons of Futa Jalon and their advent to Nigeria.

Then he will appreciate the fact that the problem is not just bushes and forest.

He should also ask himself, why can’t the Sokoto or Kebbi state government for instance, provide land for Ebonyi people to go and farm rice, or their rivers for Ijaw people to carry out fishing.

>> Is it only the Fulani Herdsmen that are geographically mobile in Nigeria?

>> Why can’t government create fishing colony or farming colony for other tribes.

We need to put up our thinking CAP and kick against this Fulani agenda of demanding for our land for ruga entirely, their purpose is not what they assumed, it’s a plan to invade our land, he concluded.

The following states are part of states mapped out by Buhari, his government and Miyetti Allah as part of the 19 states where the pilot scheme for the Ruga Settlement or fulani settle ments will start.

1. Abia
2. Enugu
3. Ebonyi
4. Cross River
5. Edo
6. Oyo
7. Osun
8. Ondo
9. Taraba
10. Benue
11. Kogi
12. Nasarawa
13. Plateau
14. Ekiti
15. Kaduna

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