The founder and General overseer of synagogue of all nations, prophet TB Joshua have encouraged all Nigerians to pray for Nigeria President Buhari and other leaders.

He made this known today during his Sunday sermon at the synagogue Church of all Nations in Lagos that this crop of leaders in Nigeria today need special and consistent prayer, president buhari and Nigeria as a nation.

The man of God revealed during the Sunday program that he is in the church today to share a vision God passed to him two weeks ago concerning this nation (Nigeria) and president mohammadu Buhari.

Nigeria is the heartbeat of Africa, when something happens to the heart, the rest of the body is likely to lost its states, pray for Nigeria government leaders, the president Mohammadu Buhari because there are no perfect man.

The prayer should be channeled towards the direction of refilling the president with the spirit of wisdom and understanding in directing the affair of this nation.

He further pointed out that in his vision, he saw the seraphim coming down with rain, guess what? This rain is coming with freshness and calm.

Earlier in this year before the presidential elections, the man of God predicted that their will be postponement of the 2019 general elections but he affirmed to all, God will be in control of the affair of Nigeria.

After the election, their will be a lot of various situations pulling down the stronghold of the nation, fear not but pray because after the dark night, if nothing happened to Nigeria and people living in various regions, their will be a new face of Africa.

Shocking;  I was severely raped by a prophet

All Nigerians should respect God because based on the situation at hand, if anything happens to Nigeria, that will mark the end of Nigeria, the situation will always affect Africa seriously he concluded.

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