The south east governors earlier today made a resolution regarding the suspended RUGA and livestock implementation programme nation wide in Nigeria.

The governors key point resolution today concerning the suspended ruga and livestock implementation are listed below;

A. The attention of the south east governors forum has been drawn to the various attacks, campaign and call of some certain people who alleged that South East governors have secretly assigned land for RUGA(rural grazing area) programme and national livestock transformation plan (NLTP).

The both programme are been promoted by federal ministry of agriculture and national economic Council (NEC) respectively.

B. We remain stand still on our decision till date, no south east Governor has donated any land for any of the two programmes mentioned above because south eastern region are short of land to issue for such programme.

C. We sincerely appreciate the fact that we have good, law abiding and sincere herdsmen who have been living with us for many years today, most of them were raised here.

We sincerely confirmed that we have been living in peace with them till recently when we are witnessing invasion of our land, kidnappings of our people, raping our young girls killing of defenceless natives and destruction of their farmlands.

The humble herdsmen that have been living with us peacefully for years have joined us to insist that these evil as we are experiencing these days in our are as a result of herdsmen moving from other states into south eastern states and in some cases, most of them are not even Nigerians.

D. We totally agree that we accept the following fact concerning suspended ruga and livestock implementation;

1. We will not send away herdsmen who are peaceful and have lived with us for many years.

2. We also agree with peaceful herdsmen living with us and the native that movement of cows into south east should be by road transportation using trailers to carry them to their specific market place.

We stand from today to cancel foreign herdsmen to move their cattle by foot as we discovered that moving their cattle by foot is the major cause of conflicts with the farmers and natives most times.

3. We don’t have land to donate for RUGA or NLTP programmes but we assured wholeheartedly that we will be selling grasses and by-product of our farm to support the programme for states that have keyed into programme.

4. We believe that our brothers and sisters who are herdsmen deserves better life and we appreciate Mr President and the vice president for their good intentions, in that note, it must be emphasize that what federal government and national economic Council approved was NLTP and its not compulsory for all States but to states who are willing to participate.

5. We plead our people, male and female to be careful the kind of comments they make either online or offline to avoid heat up to already charged states of Nigeria as a result of this programme.

6. The wisdom of economics allows states to develop along the lines of their economic ideas. Therefore, we urge the federal government to start the implementation of NLTP in states who have accepted the programme and mostly states that have larger landmass.

Doing these, will stop movement of cows from one state to another and automatically put an end to crisis, farmers clashes and suspicious herders killing.

The aim and success of this programme must be viewed along the lines of conflict resolution, peaceful co-existence among farmers, rehabilitation and reintegration of the displaced farmers, native and herders and as well increase in wealth of herders, farmers and our country.

We ask all the people living outside south east, mostly people solely based in the North to ignore the threat contained in the video message by self centered northern youths, we are IN talk with the Northern governors and their leaders who speak for their people and they have assured us that no harm will befall our people residing in various places in the Northern states.

In conclusion, we encourage those drumming for war to remember our mothers and children and rethink, no friends in war, everyone turns to enemies. Let’s be one and reason about rebuilding our youths whose their future was melted in the past and rebuild our nation that we have abandoned it’s patriotism in the past and plan about the Continuous development of our nation together.




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