The leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will begin world tour to reach world leaders after addressing Israeli parliament where he will be addressing lawmaking bodies of US, France, Spain, Germany, British, Turkey, and Russia.


A tour which Nnamdi Kanu himself called a visit to friends of Biafra countries when contacted to confirm the authenticity of the news, the media and publicity spokesman of IPOB, comrade Emma Powerful has this to say, “You know the reappearance of our leader in faraway Israel has changed the face of the agitation for the restoration of Biafra and actually place the struggle on the world stage and eyes of world powers especially countries who has the love for rule of law, respects for human dignity and freedom for human race.


It is on the note that since our leader appeared, he has been able to address the world and Biafrans on the radio Biafra program which was hocked by various stations Worldwide and the total estimates of people that hocked up for the two speeches were over 150 million people world-World.


The one that broke was the live interview granted him by Israeli national television recently, which was shocked by all national television around the world.


It was after listening to our leader explain most of the burning issues pertaining Biafra agitation, the suffering Biafrans has been subjected to, saw the need to come to the aid of Biafra and the, therefore, invited him to come to address their lawmakers.


They actually wanted to get a clearer picture of Biafra agitation and to see how they will come up to help and pressure Nigeria government to give us a date of REFERENDUM.


You know Nigeria government tried all they could to pressure the Israeli government to extradite our leader but to no avail, they didn’t know that our link with Israel has been established and they see us as their brothers and sisters.


The move to address the 7 World leaders in the powerful countries is been bankrolled by Israel and the US government.


So, our leader is in contact with various countries for the dates of visit and he will from there tour so many countries which hopefully will push our referendum.


It is after the world tour that our leader will come back to Biafra land under the supervision, protection, and guardians of a combined team of Israeli, US and UN security and from the look of things, in the name of God  (Chiukwu OkikAribiama) our REFERENDUM may come up before the end of this year or any time next year.


The world has seen that our position of no election in Biafra land is justified and the world leaders are watching even move of our for the quest of our freedom.


Therefore we encourage every indeginous people of biafra worldwide to stick on the struggle more so we encourage everyone to join this move within the region you are in support of this agitation.

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We keep our finger cross till Biafra is restored.

All hail Biafra.


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