The president of United States of America, Donald Trump has once again taken another bold step as he stand against the establishment of Sharia law in the country.

The President who openly revealed that any Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law in the country, must vacate from the United States of America as the target of American government are positioned in a bid to kick out potential terrorist attacks.

Though the words of Donald Trump may have angered some Americans Muslims as stated categorically that he supported spy agencies that are monitoring the nation mosques.

The President pointed that immigrants must adapt not Americans, either you take it or u leave it, the nation is getting weak, tired of panics of offending some individuals or their culture while the welfare of the nation cracked down.

Majority of Americans have surge in patriotism, this same culture have been developed for the past two centuries ago for the trials, struggles and as well the victory of over millions men and women who have sought for liberation, he said.

We don’t speak Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Russian or Japanese or any other languages, we are known all over the world as English speaking nation in that regard if you wish to become part of our society, learn the language.

Most of the Americans believe in God, this is not some Christian, political push, right wing but it’s a fact right from the history of creation of beloved country.

Christians both male and female based on their Christian principles, found this nation, and it’s clearly documented, it’s clearly wise to display it on the wall of our various schools.

If god offend you, i am sorry you need to consider other part of the world as your new home because God is part of our culture therefore we should accept our beliefs without questioning why.

All we need and demand for is you accept our culture and Christian beliefs, and live in harmony and peaceful, then you will enjoy with us in totality.

America is our country, our land and our lifestyle and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy it with us once you get pissed off from complaining, whining, gripping about our way of life, our pledge, our Christian beliefs.


You have every opportunity to take advantage of one other great American freedom, “the right to leave if you are not comfortable with our principles, when you accept America, America will accept, we don’t ask you to be here.


  1. It’s true, I’ve said it lots of times, and I’ll keep saying it. God has raised up Donald Trump OUR USA President for such a time as this. I am happy that he says it the way it is. He is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Thank God! We finally have someone who is fixing the messes that so many before him have made.
    I’m sick of the hateful people who are bashing the President just because.
    If you have a conscience & believe in God then this President is for you too. I would be stupid if I didn’t vote for him in 2020. Wake up people! President Trump is Pro life, protects the land we live on and stands with Israel which is the winning side. If you know our LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST then you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you dont know HIM I suggest you ask God & the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the truth.


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